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Previous Productions (up to 2013)

*These productions were part of the Annual International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival Fringe, in Buxton

For productions since 2013 please see our new website - click on the logo below"



June 2013 Patience May 1991 Iolanthe
May 2012 The Mikado May 1990 Princess Ida
Nov 2011 Utopia Limited May 1989 Patience
May 2011 The Sorcerer May 1988 Trial by Jury/The Pirates of Penzance
Nov 2010 A Gilbert and Sullivan Christmas Carol May 1987 Utopia Ltd
Aug 2010* Weather or No/Ages Ago May 1986 The Mikado
May 2010 Iolanthe May 1985 The Gondoliers
December 2009 Trial by PCC (seasonal reworking of Trial by Jury) May 1984 Ruddigore
August 2009* The Spectre Knight/The Miller and His Man May 1983 Cod and Box / HMS Pinafore
May 2009 HMS Pinafore May 1982 Princess Ida
October 2008 Thespis (Orelstein; concert version) May 1981 The Sorcerer
August 2008* Captain Billy/Mr Jericho May 1980 The Yeomen of the Guard
May 2008 Ruddygore October 1980 The Pirates of Penzance
May 2007 Captain Billy/The Pirates of Penzance May 1979 Trial by Jury / HMS Pinafore
September 2006 Cox and Box/The Zoo May 1978 Patience
May 2006 The Mikado May 1977 Iolanthe
May 2005 Princess Ida May 1976 The Gondoliers
May 2004 The Yeomen of the Guard May 1975 The Mikado
May 2003 The Sorcerer May 1974 The Pirates of Penzance
May 2002 The Gondoliers    
May 2001 Iolanthe    
May 2000 The Pirates of Penzance    
May 1999 Patience    
May 1998 Trial by Jury/The Pirates of Penzance    
May 1997 The Mikado    
May 1996 The Grand Duke    
October 1995 Fiddler on the Roof    
May 1995 Ruddigore    
May 1994 The Yeomen of the Guard    
May 1993 The Sorcerer    
May 1992 The Gondoliers